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About Clinton Wasylishen

Clinton Wasylishen

Clinton Wasylishen is a business coach and wellness advocate living in the South of Costa Rica

Clinton’s background includes business from a young age, starting his first successful business enterprise while still in high school (selling junk food to raise the funds to build a gym in his high school).

Since starting that small business in the late eighties, Clinton has gone on to create multiple seven figure businesses, and now spends most of his days coaching clients from wherever he might be, including the beaches of Costa Rica with his two young children.

This website was developed to share a bit of what he has learned over the last three decades – and he is committed to learning and sharing.

Clinton’s dream is to help thousands of people improve their lives through coaching – including business and marketing strategy, and also fitness and nutrition training… and this blog exists for that purpose.

So please – enjoy the articles, and please feel free to comment.  

Community is key – and your comments are as important as any!

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  1. Christian Christian

    I’ve known Clinton for 8 years now. I can truly say that when Clinton speaks, his comments are thoughtful, insightful and helpful. I trust his judgement and know that there aren’t any hidden agendas. He succeeds when you do.

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