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Beware of A.I.D.S.

Over a decade ago I decided to do an Ironman.

I reached out to a good friend and coach from when I was younger and he had more than a few words of wisdom for me – not the least of which was “beware of A.I.D.S.”


He warned me that once I had done Ironman, I might experience what he referred to as After Ironman Depression Syndrome.

I thought “no way, not me”

But I did.

I discovered, the harder way, that once you accomplish a goal of great personal significance, you may find emptiness.

It may seem silly, but I have encountered it many times in my life so far…

I set a goal to do a marathon.

Over twenty marathons later there was still an emptiness.

What was the point?

I did Ironman, which was great, but then what?

I did another.

Then another.


I moved onto business, and one day I decided “we could do a million dollars here.”

That happened.

Then what?

We pushed that envelope further, and further again.


There are some people that never dream big, never set a goal bigger than their comfort zone, but there are some that do, and this is what they find.

The worst part of this story is that not once did I really stop to celebrate those victories, and they were all victories.

I am not telling you to set small goals – far from it.

Just celebrate, and bask in the accomplishment… then move onto the next goal – and know that it doesn’t need to be bigger than the last!

(like writing a post every day for thirty days)

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  1. Cortney Cortney

    I love these great insights! Keep em coming!

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