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EGBOK and Becoming A Reverse Paranoid

I recently watched a show where a new acronym was introduced to my vocabulary – and it goes like this:

Everything is
Going to

It’s one of those things that I have had to remind myself of every now and again – and that is basically this; everything generally turns out for the better, in my humble experience.  Sometimes, when the going gets tough, it’s hard to see this, but after the fact (and in hindsight) it becomes clear that this is exactly what happened.  The Universe, God, whatever your belief system holds for you – is looking out for your best interests, and if you allow he/she/it to do the work, all will eventually be OK.  I promise, based on experience, that this is how it’s been.

And on this same vein… one of my favorites from Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles, is “Become A Reverse Paranoid” – this is a relatively straightforward concept, but it basically works the same way.  Instead of worrying about how everything will go wrong, you “worry” about how things will go completely right… and as your focus goes, so the energy flows.  I could give examples, but I am sure you can figure that one out too… it can be tough at times, but give it a go, and try to report back below (I love stories).

That’s 40.2 – see you all tomorrow!

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  1. Stephen Stephen

    Probably one of the most important things we can do to be happier in many aspects of our lives. Solid words of wisdom…now to live them!

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