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Welcome to my new health & wellness blog…

I really enjoy sharing… and so I have setup this new home online.

If you know my name, it’s easy to find – but not easy to spell, so be sure to bookmark it, and come back often!  I have loads to share.

I think that the name could use a little tweaking, so I am open to suggestions.  Put your thoughts in the comments below, and I will pick a winner from the lot… dinner for two, and not at McDonalds 🙂

Thanks for stopping by… and have an awesome day!

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  1. cwalls21 cwalls21

    Hey clinton nice blog! I personally feel that you should use your name Clinton Wasylishen as your domain. Experts in the movie industry told Arnold that his last name Schwarzenegger is unusual and people wouldn't be able to remembered it easily and hence hinder his ability to be known in the movie industry. lol. People will remember your name if you have something important to say or become a person of influence in your industry.

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