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What do the “experts” know about it?

I came to a realization last week that quite often we listen to self proclaimed experts, and likely believe what they have to say.  Probably because we THINK that they know better than us.

I ran across an article from Time Magazine today, it was written in 1995.  Have a peek at it here.

If you don’t want to read the article, he was a big Internet naysayer.  The author’s opinion was that the Internet would go nowhere, and that it was a bunch of hype.

I get that it’s an opinion, and that everyone has one… but if you take a step back, and look at this from the point of view of a business person in 1995 – you are making a decision about building a website.  Something that connects people online, and you read that.  You can go one of two ways – naysay the naysayer, or march to the beat of your own drum.

I stumbled upon another news article today.  It was about a nutrition professor who lost 27 pounds eating Twinkies and junk food.

Now… he set out to prove something.  That was that you could lose weight through calorie deprivation, regardless of how you do it.  Say by eating chocolate bars, or eating carrots (i.e. the type or quality of the food was not relevant).  It is, I believe, akin to Morgan Spurlock proving that eating nothing but fried junk will make you unhealthy if it is all that is consumed.

I find this all a bit shocking.

Didn’t you know that restricting calorie intake would result in weight loss?  Did you not know that it didn’t matter what you ate, but if you ate less you would lose weight?

Why does this stuff make headlines?

I think it’s because eating junk food and losing weight appeals to people.

I have some news for you… you can eat quality food and gain weight, and be healthy.  You can eat junk food and lose weight and be unhealthy.

The weight is not the point folks… your health is.

Common sense would say “this is probably a bad idea” but for some reason folks thing “it’s worth a try”

Let’s prove them wrong my friends… let’s do this thing right.  Who is with me?


  1. NextStepToronto NextStepToronto

    "Didn’t you know that restricting calorie intake would result in weight loss?" It is sad to say but it is true. Most individuals are still looking for a quick fix solution and fail to educate themselves about the basic of nutrition. I have known some individuals who focus on healthy eating and forget to concern themselves with the amount of calories they consume. They consume compious amounts of fruit juice, whole wheat pasta, fruits and vegtables, and protein shakes beleiving they will lose weight when in fact they gain weight. They end up consuming more calories then tehy burn. It is simple mathematics but the general public still hasn't clued in and are waiting for next fat loss pill to sovle their problems. Best advice for anyone wanting to lose weight is to first go to the library and obtain a textbook on nutrition.

  2. Chuck Chuck

    I think that people are very misled, and agree with your observations completely.

    Even beyond your example, our news media is littered with so called experts, but with nothing to back that up (and I am sorry, education doesn't cut it for me -a phd doesn't qualify you on much of anything in my opinion. Real world is real world, and education world is, well, different).

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