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Is life a contest?

The other day Taio (who is seven) said something to the effect of “life is a contest”

I never know where the kids get the things that they say, but suffice it to say that they hear it someone (they are pretty good parrots, especially when it comes to saying things that they probably shouldn’t say).

Either way, I digress.

While I didn’t start this post to question the meaning of life, here I am 😉

Is it a contest for you?

Is it a race to the finish line?

Is there a pot of gold somewhere?

Is the pot of gold right in front of you?

Is the point of the contest to find the gold?

Or is it to SEE the gold?

I don’t profess to have found the meaning of life on this end.

Not even close.

But I don’t know that this is a contest.  If it is, I might be losing.

But I am pretty sure life is a journey, meant to be enjoyed.

Not won.

In fact, I don’t even know if there is a “finish line”

Pretty sure there’s not.


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