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The biggest lie about business

I got inspired yesterday.  It wasn’t a typical conversation that inspired me, but it left me inspired to write something, so here we are… and I want to talk about the single biggest lie about business.

You have probably heard this lie, and you may have actually said this very thing…

“You need money to make money”

Baloney.  Hooey.  Garbage.

Now it depends on what business you want to get into – if you want to start a retail store or a manufacturing plant, you will need capital.

That’s not what I am talking about.

To start a business, you need two things – a good idea, and drive.

The rest you can figure out… even the money thing, if you are driven and your idea is good enough.

If you have a great idea and drive, you can find the investors, you can find the money.  It will come to you.

Don’t sweat the money thing.

Better question is – who is it that told you that you needed money to make money?

Think waaaaaay back. I don’t know who it was, but whoever it was probably was serving some other need… like their own agenda, whatever that was.

Anyone can run a business.  It doesn’t need to be your full time gig – it can be a part time thing, but I can assure you that it doesn’t need to cost you money to start up.

Please share with me your thoughts – I am happy to carry this conversation on, or perhaps turn it into a conversation!

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