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All Natural

Welcome to my daily “random thought” post for Monday!

I got to thinking today about the phrase “all natural” and what that means, or what it’s meant to mean.

I mean, it would seem that it would mean that it is from nature.

Or some derivativeĀ thereof.

The funny thing is this – if you see something with a label that says “all natural” it’s probably not all natural because nothing from nature has that label.

Things from nature…




Fruits and Vegetables

You know, that sort of thing.

None of which come with a label that says all natural.

Weird isn’t it?

I think that originally we came from nature as well, but we have deviated so far away from nature that we don’t even know what all natural means anymore.

We’ve gotten to where “all natural” possibly means “nothing with a label of artificial is included”

There’s no “all natural” clothing anymore, and pretty much anything that is touched by an insecticide, pesticide, fungicide or any other thing that doesn’t really come from nature cannot be deemed all natural.

But yet there’s that label on the front side of whatever it is that you are buying.

If you are looking for “all natural” the closest you will come is in nature, but even that’s not untouched for the most part, as you know… we humans have been busy messing with nature.

I don’t want to be the fearmonger, but genetically modified organisms are not all natural, but will seemingly become part of nature, whether or not it’s meant to be there.

What is all natural to you?

Does it hold a meaning to you?

Comment below!!

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