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Let’s Talk Yoga…

Today is a bit of a rant for me. Or maybe every day is a bit of a rant for me, but let’s roll with this.

First, let’s talk about yoga.

Yoga was not meant to be a 40 degree (Celsius, or 100 degrees for those in the US) experience in tight spandex pants and sports bra.

We in the west have bastardized a thing that was once (and remains) a spiritual experience elsewhere in the world.

It wasn’t meant to be a physical exercise.

Hell, it certainly wasn’t meant to be a profit center.

But here we are.

Do not be confused – I am not judging you.

I have paid for a yoga class.

I have charged for a yoga class.

I may or may not have owned, or do own spandex pants (hahaha).

And perhaps, before, during, or after your yoga practice you’ve had a spiritual experience. I will not argue with you about that.

But, I will argue that we have taken and turned a spiritual thing into something else. Not remotely like how it began.

What’s your take on what we’ve “done” to yoga?

What other spiritual practices have we turned into a profit-making enterprise?

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